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Matt Kamrath, who's artist name is MKKamrath, is an up-and-coming music producer from central California. While new to the production of EDM, he has some musical background as he played guitar in a rock band for many years.   After a long hiatus of reflection and meditation in the desert, he has devoted his time to sick beats and sweet samples.  He no longer makes music with the electric guitar, but is now armed with a digital audio workstation.  He has always been interested in electronica and house music and now finds himself drawn to the genre.  Armed with FL 12 he stumbled across in January of 2021 (he had never made a single beat prior to that), he has quickly been learning the ins-and-outs of the program and experimenting with other tricks of the trade.   Although he's in the early stages of his new musical endeavor, Matt's ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC is coming along very well.  Listen to all of Matt's music at



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